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If there’s one thing that a car lover can spend countless hours obsessing over, it’s choosing a wheel. After all, possibly more than any other aftermarket accessory available, a stylish set of wheels can completely transform the appearance of a car from a bland, stock standard clone, to a personalised ride that you will be proud to drive every day.


Whether you just want to add a personal touch to your new car, or you are after that final piece of the puzzle to finish off the restoration of a classic, at SINATYRES, we understand how important your choice of wheel is to you, and that’s why we not only stock a massive range from some of the world’s most trusted and respected manufacturers, we also have expertise to advise you as to the best options available to suit your taste and your vehicle and then fit your dream wheels professionally.

Choose Perfect Wheel for your Vehicle

What with the host of different manufacturers all offering countless beautiful designs, it can be a daunting task to try to find the perfect match for your treasured ride. In signature SINATYRES, we’ve made browsing our range of wheels easier than ever. Here you can not only see the wheels up close and personal in stunning high-res photos, but you can also find out what sizes each design is available in and even find out if a wheel is designed exclusively for your brand of car. Don’t waste time driving around trying to find the perfect wheels, do it all from the comfort of home with SINATYRES.